Julep Kylie - Magnet

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Magnet directional arrows? I really have no idea what to call that, and I realize it's kind of misleading if you don't know the context of it. Those are the directions that I pointed the magnet, if you are confused.

Anywho I tried Kylie the other day and decided to play around with my nail wheels again. For some odd reason I was able to get the magnet to work on there, and not one my actual nails. Highly annoying, no idea what I was doing wrong. If you want a swatch without the magnet being used, just let me know and I will get right on that. It's actually a pretty color on its own.

Have you tried a magnetic nail polish? What do you think of the trend? Personally, I think it's silly. Looks cool, though, I have to admit.

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