Repurposing candle jars!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who knew these old candle jars could be useful? A while ago I watched a youtube video about removing the wax from the jar, and reusing it for a brush holder. I though "ok, cool" and put it in the back of my mind. A few days ago I realized that this candle had maybe 5 hours worth of burning time left so I thought "why not make this into something". I couldn't really decide what exactly I wanted to use it for.

Yesterday I was reorganizing my nail polish, and realized that my minis needed to find a new home. They didn't fit anymore! Then the lightbulb turned on, and I realized that this jar would be PERFECT to hold all my minis in it, and it looks super cute in the process.

My easy instructions on cleaning the candle:
1. Burn candle until wick runs out. Easy to tell because one by one they'll stop burning and you can't light it anymore.
2. Stick candle in freezer. There was still a little bit of melted wax in my candle. I stuck mine in for about 2 hours.
3. Grab a knife and start breaking away the wax. There was already a large crack in mine, and it made it easier to remove all of the wax.
4. Remove the wicks. The video said to use hot water, but I ended up just twisting them off. I realized I could do this after there was wax stuck to a wick.
5. Remove the glue. I used soap, sponge, and eventually a cotton ball saturated in nail polish remover.
6. If you wish, remove the labels. I just scrapped the wet bottom label off with the knife. Nail Polish remover will get rid of excess adhesive.
I gave mine a quick rub down with dish cleaner, and I also left the candle label on. I think it looks so cute that way, and since I'm not decorating the jar, there wasn't a need to remove it. Plus it gives it that little candy shop feel with all the colors.

You can really use these jars for so many things, and it's really useful since these candles are $20 a pop off sale. This method should work for all candles, and I am thinking about using my crap Avon candle jar for a q-tip holder.

How often do you repurpose things? Do you find it's easier to spend money on something when you know you can reuse its container for something else?

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