This is myself and Spencer at my graduation in '09. 

I always like reading a little bit about the bloggers I follow, makes things a bit more personal. I figured I can't be the only one, so even if I'm making a single person happy by creating this page, I consider that a success!

First off, Hello!! I'm Kristina. I got married on March 6, 2011 to my high school sweetheart, Spencer. He's quite tall at 6'2", while I am only 4'11".  I'm basically just a girl who loves nail polish, makeup, and skincare. I have a tendency to post about fluffy bunnies.

I started blogging back in October 2011. I had just gotten this nice camera to take pictures of my rabbits with, and I discovered my love for nail polish. That was also the year I discovered the beauty community on youtube, and thus the blogging community. One thing led to another, and boom! The blog was born. It originally started out as a nail polish blog, but quickly evolved into a beauty blog with a bit of random life and book related posts.

The name Adore A Polish is a spin-off of the Essie nail polish Adore-A-Ball. I wanted something cutesy, and that's what popped in my head. I still love the name, and chose the web address polishadore on purpose, but I can't remember why.

I run a few sites, most of them rabbit related.

I am 24.

I hail from a land of palm trees and Oranges (Florida).

I love traveling, who doesn't. I've never left the western hemisphere, and the furthest south that I've been is Cozumel, Mexico and the furthest north I've been is a few cities in Quebec, Canada.

I am usually behind the camera rather than in front of it, which explains the lack of recent pictures of myself =P

I pronounce FAQ as "fact",  no emphasis on the "t".

My favorite movie(s) are the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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  1. Hi Kristina! I wonder if you'd still get notified for this...?