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iFabbo is an organization that connects bloggers and companies so they can get the best products out there to you, the reader. This blog contains various products that were 'purchased' from the iFabbo shop. PR companies do not seek bloggers out to review their products. The blogger goes onto the iFabbo sit/shop and 'purchases' the sample for review purposes.

Each member receives a set amount of points to start off with, and with these points they purchase products from the shop to review. Once a review is posted, the blogger links the post to the shop and receives a fixed amount of points in return. It's a glorious, and useful cycle of wonderful goodies. Posting a review is not required, nor does the content (positive, or negative feedback) of the post/review reflect the amount of points the blogger is given.

iFabbo Reviews

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB CreamHYD For Men
Perlier Volcanic ScrubCrown Brushes
Lilly Brush Saver

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