10 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 1

Friday, August 17, 2012

I've been seeing something like this floating around, mostly not beauty related, so I decided to take a new twist on the idea and create my own! I am going to work back words, and start with ten secrets. Feel free to join me! You can take any twist on it you can, use the above image, whatever! It's supposed to be fun. Now, let's get to it: Ten Secrets.

1. I started getting into makeup and nail polish after my wedding. I was home alone, got bored, and then I became hooked! 
2. I am not good at nail art, it's something that I've always been nervous to try, and haven't really practiced.
3. I am addicted to Burt's Bees lip balm! Anything menthol, just throw it my way! 
4. My only high end makeup product is my Guerlain Meteorites and the Brush. 
5. My husband has more clothes than I do. 
6. I have always been a purse-aholic. Before it was Vera Bradley, now it's everything else. 
7. I am drawn to nail polish by their bottles first, then the color. 
8. I change my nail polish as my mood changes, but my nail polish doesn't always reflect my mood (mind boggler). 
9. I hate pushing back my cuticles. 
10. If I don't like a color, even after I'm done putting it on, I'll take it off.

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