10 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 2

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today is nine likes. It can be the equivalent of nine most liked products, nine most liked anything. I'm personally not going to include polishes in this one, I'll save that for day four! This is really informal, as in I'm doing this off the top of my head, exact names may not be used, but I have probably shown these items on this blog before. Onto the likes!!!!

1. Boots cleansers. I've used 2 of their cleansers, and love both of them. Probably my favorites so far.
2. Tea tree oil face soap from Basin. I love tea tree oil, it is so useful, and the facial soap is no exception.
3. Shampoo bars. I am one of those people who thought this concept was crazy. Little did I know they are useful! Currently I am trying to use up the one from Lush.
4. Julep Pedi Prep. When paired with the file, it makes my feet look and feel so much ni cer. Only downfall is that I have to keep it in a baggy because it leaks.
5. Fossil purse. I can use and abuse this bag, and no one will know the difference.
6. Avon purple eyeliner. I like purple, and this is my favorite eyeliner in that color.
7. Slatkin & Co Candles. Really are wonderful. Except for the Spring scents, I didn't like any of those.
8.  Mark Shine Sighter. Stuff is amazing! It's a green oil absorbing mask.
9. Osis+ Wax It. I always forget about this stuff, but it's great for holding down my hair without making it stiff or greasy.

What are some of your favorite products?

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