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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I consider this blog as a part of my life now, and therefor so are all of you who are reading this. I don't mind letting you into little parts of my life, I always talk about my rabbits on here, and I figured it was high time that my cat get a little bit of spot light! She is my second love, being behind my husband of course. I don't think she was meant to be a cat, she has no sense of balance, and I find myself having to catch her when she falls off the counter. No lie. One time Spencer was petting her, and she fell off the couch! She'll be standing there on the counter, and her foot will slip off. My poor cat. Life is just too hard for a little indoor kitty.

I tried to put these in order of how old she was. Some are cell phone pictures, so please excuse the horrible quality!

I believe she was only 4 weeks old here. She was born outside (momma was a barn kitty) and we had to fish her littermates out to get to her. She was the only one who did not hiss as Spencer. We chose her when she was a few days old because of the dot on her head. She was all black according to the pictures (I can't speak for that foot, never really got to see it), and we didn't care if it was a girl or a boy, we wanted that one!

For the longest time this is what she would do with the scratching board until one day I took her paws, and made a scratching motion on the board for her. Now she is obsessed with them.

She used to chew on wood. My bed, the kitchen chairs, anything wood likely had chew marks because of her.

Olivia, my dog Lexi, and my dad's cat Magic used to cuddle together on the couch all the time!

This was after parading her around the house in the basket (she went in willingly).

She does these things on her own, and I just happen to be around to take a picture of it. Makes me wonder what shenanigans she gets into when I'm not home.

Now I want to leave you with a video of her playing around. I was sitting on the couch, sorry for the bad filming. It was zoomed in all the way. You can watch it in 720p, if it helps any =). Song is Daniel by Dia Frampton.

Bunny in the background is Paige. She is an older girl, and does not mind Olivia or her crazy antics =D

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