Essie salon bottle v. drugstore bottle

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I do have to commend Essie for being bold and making two different bottles for the exact same nail polishes. Waste of money, but an easy way to differentiate between where the varnish was bought.

Above is the top view of the bottles. The "Salon" bottle has a lowercase e, while the drugstore (which means something similar to CVS or Target) has the varnish's name on it.

 The Salon bottle has 2 sides of the imprinted Essie name, as well as the drugstore bottle. The difference is where the salon bottle also has two blank/flat sides. On the drugstore bottle, one of the sides has a sticker with a white "essie", and other information.

The Salon bottle has the barcode and name of the varnish on the bottom, when the drugstore bottle has nothing on the bottom.

The barcode on the drugstore bottle can be found on the cap. It's just the barcode, color number, and the caution warning. The salon bottle has nothing on the cap.

Personally, I prefer the drugstore bottle. It makes looking for a specific color 10xs easier!! I compared the OPI bottles, and they're exactly the same. So boring.

The colors represented here are all Essie; Raise Awareness for the "Salon" bottle, Chinchilly for the "drugstore" bottle, and for the first two pictures I am wearing Raise Awareness, and the last two are Essie Carry On (the pictures were taken on two different days).

Ok, this post is done, see you next time! Toodles.


  1. thank you for your post!
    a friend brought me two polishes as a souvernir from her america holiday, and comparing mine to the one's I always see on the internet I thought mine were fake or something - turned out they're just drug store ones. :)

    1. OPI also has a few differences, I know Target likes to get rid of the number on the bottle for some reason. Glad I could help, bot sure why Essie feels the need to make two bottles though. Personally I like having the name on the cap.