The Late November Maven Box

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nora is the dark silver color
Amber is the Tan

Well, better late then never I suppose! I received my November Julep box yesterday after finally clearing up an issue with payment. WARNING: If you go onto their website, and add another card you have to call them to switch over. Checking the primary card box wont cut it. Learned that the hard way.

If you haven't heard, November was the month of suedes. Sephora got these months ago, and as far as i know they are still in store for $14 a pop.

I switched to Boho Glam this month, and received Nora and Amber with a body frosting. Now let me tell you something about this body frosting, it smells like strawberry sherbet. No lie. It's supposed to be grapefruit, but not so much. My hand scrub from Qtica smells way more like grapefruit than this thing. It smells delicious. I did notice that the scent doesn't transfer well onto the skin. It feels amazing, but the smell kind of starts to smell gross. It's real subtle, you have to be trying to find the scent, but it's not the best smell. Definitely not what it smells like in the packaging.

Do you like suedes? How do you feel about their lack of staying power? I use them for a quick manicure, sometimes on the go (not with me driving).

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