Someday Summery - Tuesday

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I was flipping through some of last years photos from my trip to Indiana. I realized that this is one of the two times in my entire life that I have seen trees in that stage between green, and dead. I know, crazy right? This made me realize the other parts of this wonderful season that I miss out. Remember, I live in Florida. A tropical "paradise" lined with beaches, and sunshine. There is no changing of the leaves, no snow (I've never even seen snow), and the few trees that do change and die, I hardly notice because the surrounding greenery is, well, still green. The past few years, on Christmas, the temp has been in the 80s. I don't even own a winter jacket. I own plain, keep you warm when it's chilly, jackets. I wear flip flops when it's at its coldest (no colder than 30F). Some say it's depressing, sad, and I'm being robbed of a true Christmas experience. I say that it's all I know. It's my life, and to me, being surrounded by green, wearing a tank top, surrounded by family is what Christmas is to me.

Have you guys seen these yet? I found this at Target, didn't get it, then they were on clearance. How can I resist??? Anyways, it's supposed to be a french manicure duo. They have several different types of combinations, and you get two polishes in one little tube, thing. The bottles are small, but I think it's a great idea for travel. Any idea if they're going to keep doing these? I think they're a nifty idea.


  1. I live in Indiana, and fall is my favorite season! That picture is a beautiful representation. :) Winter can be gray and depressing, but I think I'd go legititimately crazy if I didn't get 4 seasons! I have too much love for sweaters and wool coats to live without them!

    1. The picture was taken at a stoplight right outside of the State Fairgrounds.

      There's a saying here in Florida, we have two seasons: Summer and Snowbird season. Snowbirds are our nickname for people who migrate to Florida during the winter/fall/early spring months. Basically when it's cold up north, is when people come here for vacation. Helps out the economy a bit lol.