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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 Before I get into the review I want to mention that I did not pay for this product, nor was it sent to me by the company. How did I manage that? Coupons? Points? Nope, I'm not as lucky as all that. A while back I participated in the Zoya Earth Day promotion. If you don't know what that is, go ahead and read up on it. When you add the polish and the promo to the basket, it automatically removed whatever free product was in there. I believe there were two. I added 6, and then I went back the next day to add a seventh bottle, and when I did they put the scrub in there at no charge. It's a full sized bottle, too, which I wasn't expecting. Could this method work for future promotions? Perhaps. It wasn't intentional so I didn't really fiddle around with it. I just wanted to order my nail polish, as I heard about some beginning to be back ordered.

Screenshot from website

About the product:
Retails for $18 for 7oz on
Scent: Grapefruit
Sugar scrub

Let's tackle the claims, shall we?
Goes on like honey: It is smooth, regardless of the grainy sugar bits, and has a think consistency which is similar to honey.
Sugar dissolves completely: Yes! After scrubbing, and exfoliating, they do dissolve.
Doesn't clog drains or jets: It's a sugar scrub, so all the sugar dissolves as it should. There also isn't any extra stuff that can't dissolve when water is applied.
Non irritating: Nope, I did not notice any irritation.

Directions (from website site):
After soaking hands or feet, apply a conservative amount to skin and massage, letting the sugar crystals remove dead skin.

It's a nice little scrub. The scent is a pleasant grapefruit one, no other smells added, purely grapefruit. It certainly lingers for a bit, which is refreshing. The consistency is rather thick, so a little goes a long way. The sugar take a bit longer to dissolve than I would prefer, but that's what water is for. =)

After I rinse the rest of the scrub off of my hands, I instantly noticed how soft my hands felt. They did not feel greasy, nor dry afterwards even without a lotion or hand cream. I recommend applying some sort of cream to your hands regardless. It makes them even softer.

After using this, I definitely see a difference in how soft my hands feel. I rub the scrub into the cuticles, and the area around my nails/tips of the fingers. I noticed that after using it, I'm starting to loose the dead skin that's hanging around. It's not a cure all for dead skin there, but it is helping slightly. 

I don't have any complaints about the product itself. It doesn't dry out my skin, the smell is great if you love citrusy scents, and it makes my hands feeling super soft. At $18, it is a little steep in my opinion.

Will I buy it [again]?
No. While I do like it, and it is a great product over all, for the price I just can't justify it. I typically go toward sea salt scrubs, and the ones that I buy are more for the money. This does smell better though, which is a plus. The price is a bit much for what it does, and I hate paying shipping any ways. Worth a try though, if you've been looking at it. Personally, it's not in the budget for myself at the moment.

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  1. The funny thing is I usually make my own sugar scrubs haha, although this does seem like a pretty expensive novelty to try.

    Thanks for the review!

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