Double Impact: Quick Dries

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's no secret that my manicures thrive off of quick dries. Be it in a top coat, or a stand alone quick drying formula. Today I bring to you two of the quick drying liquids that I use; Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops, and Revlon Liquid Quick Dry.

Quick overview:
Julep - $14.00 for 1 fl oz
Revlon- $6-$7 for .5 fl oz

Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops

- Dry to the touch in just over a minute
- Completely dry in 5-10 minutes (although slightly longer than Revlon)
- Non-greasy formula
- Dropper= no accidental brush accidents
- Lavender scent, not to keen on this
- Despite it's lack of greasiness, it tends to be messy due to the large dropper
- Available only online, and maybe Sephora

Revlon Liquid Quick Dry

- Dry to the touch in under a minute
- Completely dry in 5-10 minutes
- Easy to access at most drugstores
- Greasy formula; get's everywhere
- Brush mishaps can happen if applied to early. A one minute wait is recommended

Bottom line:
 I personally prefer Revlon, but Julep does have it's benefits. Another alternative are the OPI Drip Drops, or Nicole by OPI Drying Drops, which are basically the same thing. However, they come in a much smaller bottle.

What quick dry products do you use? Do you suggest I try one that may be better than my beloved Revlon?

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