Revlon Colorstay Top Coat - Review

Monday, June 25, 2012

If I said that I didn't have high hopes for this polish, I'd be lying. With all of the hype it got, and not hearing any negative reviews, I was expecting a near perfect top coat.

Were my expectations too high? Probably, it is a drugstore top coat. Were they met. Oh yeah!

I can't help but compare this to the previous top coats I reviewed. This longer wearing than China Glaze, and less tip wear than Poshé.

Long Wearing and no chips - Lasted 4 days with minor tip wear. About a day without any tip wear except from my pointer fingers which are used to open things. They get abused.

Thin - It's a very thin top coat, and I find myself applying two coats to get that glossy shine that I get with other top coats. I also apply two coats onto glitter polish to get that smooth texture.
Tip wear - Very minor, but it could also be due to the fact that I don't seal the edge of the nail with a top coat. Other than that, no major chipping even on the chippiest of nail polish: matte nail polish.

I had this top coat on for four days, and in the above picture you can kind of see the level of shipping I had. Not a lot! I half hoped that I would be able to peal the nail polish off so I didn't have to use remover. =( It stayed put, a real bitter sweet moment. I use this with Revlon Liquid Quick Dry, which I have been using for YEARS. I plan on reviewing that one too, but it will be a quick review.

Will I purchase again?
Yes, I may also pick up a base coat, and a few other polish in the Colorstay line. I have one, but I want more! This line is amazing, the hype is well deserved in my opinion. I need to post a swatch, I have one sitting in my folders. Anyways, this top coat will probably be replacing my quick dries.

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