China Glaze Fast Foward Top Coat - Review

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have mentioned in posts recently about loosing my Seche Vite. This caused me to think about other possible quick drying top coats. 2 stood out, China Glaze and Poshe. I tested both and Seshe on my nail wheel and as far as shine and drying time China Glaze came in second after Seche. Yes, I am comparing these to Seche Vite. It's why I bought them, and I want to know if there is an alternative to the stinky top coat everyone loves.
I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply

I love the shine this top coat had. The dry time is almost as fast, if not equal to Seche. No shrinkage spotted. I find applying it is a lot easier than Seche and Poshe. I don't know if it picks up less on the brush, or It's easier to wipe off, but I did find myself using less of this than the other two. I like to slather my top coat on, and with a normal top coat (like OPI's) it tends to bubble. Seche doesn't do that, and neither does China Glaze, which is great! It also doesn't stink. It doesn't have that pungent paint thinner like smell. Still stinks, but you're not meant to go around sniffing the bottles.

Chipping was pretty bad. I didn't even do anything that would cause the amount of chipping I saw. With Seche, I've put it through some pretty tough situations where it should have chipped, but didn't.

I will be using this from time to time. Even with the chipping it's still a pretty good top coat. I don't wear a single color on my nails for very long, so the chipping just causes me to change the colors out, which is fine. I find it therapeutic to paint my nails. In short, yes I will continue to wear this top coat as long as I know I wont be doing much that day.

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