Shrinkage explained

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Talk about a "is my voice really that deep?" moment. Annoyances aside, I bring to you another blog post for today. 3 in a row, not quite sure if that means I'm being productive today, or if I'm just bored.

For this video, which I don't do videos often, I try to explain how shrinking works and what it looks like. I wish I could have made the video shorter. Please excuse the noise in the background, I was watching America's Got Talent if you must know, and I left it on to drown out my voice so I wouldn't be disturbed by people wondering why I was talking to myself. I tried to turn it low enough so the camera wouldn't pick it up, but I failed. This if my first talking video, so I am a bit scatter brained and slow to say what I want. I promise I'll try to improve this if I do any future videos.

Below is the video, and under that is more pictures with some descriptions of what you're looking at. I hope this helps someone, as I didn't quite understand what shrinking was until it happened to me. Enjoy!!

-Click to enlarge-

Products mentioned:

  • Top coat used- Poshé Super Fast Drying
  • Base color: Essie Adore-A-Ball
  • Sheer pink: Julep Jennifer
  • Tip color: Orly Point Blanche
  • Top coat mentioned: China Glaze Fast Forward

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