Boots No 7 Mineral Perfect Foundation

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stock photo from Target

After that beautiful professional image, mine looks so bad. But what can you do with one good light and a limited budget?

Ever since I bought my Cleansing Milk from Boots (which Target has stopped carrying, grrrr), I am slowly falling in love with Boot's different lines. Everything I have used, I love. It's not a brand that I hear a lot of from people in the states, and I don't know why! I love their skin care line, or at least the little bit that I have tried, and I'm beginning to venture into their makeup line too. You Europeans know how to make great stuff.

About the product: 
It will run you about $13.99 at Target for 10g (0.35 oz) of product
Available in New Ivory, Buff, Blonde, and Almond
Does not contain talc or preservatives
Has SPF 15
Comes with a brush (crap)
It gives a matte finish (in my opinion)

My powder is in the shade "New Ivory"

 I use it close to how Boots intended:
"Step 1: Tap out a small amount of powder into the lid (about 2 sprinkles). Step 2: Taking your brush swirl the powder into the lid, making sure that all the powder is taken up into the hairs of the brush-this breaks down the minerals into a creamy texture. Step 3: Then tap the brush on the lid to remove any excess powder & starting on the outside of the face, buff the powder in a circular motion into the centre of the face. Continue to buff for a perfect application. "
The only thing I do different is that I dip the brush into the powder first, then I swirl it in the lid. I find this prevents me from making a massive mess of everything, and using more powder than I need.

One thing I noticed from the reviews online was that people hated the color range, and found that even the lighter shade, New Ivory, was too dark. I find this to be the case when too much is used. I don't think this was meant to be a heavy foundation, well I don't think any powder foundation is meant to be applied heavily.

The reason I am having such luck with this powder is because so far I have been useing it more as a setting powder, rather than my primary foundation. However, the brush can disappear and find itself a new home. It's so coarse, and it just isn't worth it. At the moment I am using my Real Techniques brush with it, but that may change.

It does have a bit of shimmer in it. Keep in mind that I do have Combination to Oily skin, so shiny usually isn't the best for my skin type, but I don't really notice the shine on my face. It's a very subtle shimmer, and I think this makes it suitable for most skin types.

Overall: I like it. I go back and forth between this powder and my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. When my skin clears up completely, and I get my Avon order in 3 weeks (I plan on doing a collective haul of this week and nexts order) I plan on starting to use this as my only foundation rather than a setting powder to give more of a natural look for the summer. 

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