Monday, June 11, 2012

I love connecting with my followers. Knowing that I'm not sitting here, blogging to myself is a real comfort. As much as I like talking to myself, who doesn't, I don't like feeling crazy lol. I know swatches get boring; "ok, it's a color. Pretty, next". That's why I try to do other things on here, such as the skin care post, mainly the off-topic posts in general. Something different. There's more to me than just nail polish, obviously lol. I'm really open to suggestions and requests, I'm actually quite flexible with my postings and what not. There are somethings I want to say, as with every other blog I run (2 others, if you care),  I find a lot of stuff isn't worth a blog post! Like today, I bought 3 new polishes in two brands I've never tried. Is it worth your typical haul post? I don't think so, which is why I don't try it. I also tried a french manicure, but this time with a different method. I'm not done testing it out, so I don't feel it's ready for a blog post. See, I just have so much to say! NO, I am NOT using Twitter. Maybe if I get pestered enough, but as of right now I don't see a need as no one has yet to ask! I just like to keep my accounts simple.

I'm just blabbering on here, aren't I?

 I haven't posted a picture of any of my rabbits in a long time, so to add a bit of spontaneity, here is a picture of OPI! A bunny named after nail polish (sort of, that's what his breeder tattooed his ear. Yes HIS) and look, chipped nail polish. It oozes relevance ;-).

Back to connecting: Now I'm not asking for comments on the swatch posts, or even to request/suggest a post (but that is perfectly alright), I'm mainly trying to lead up to the opening of the adore-a-polish facebook page! Now hold your excitement, I haven't posted the link yet =D You get to hear more of my rambles there, all beauty related I promise. Less bunnies, there is another page for that.


Promote Your Page Too

As of the time I post it, there are no likes. Not even from my account. Like it if you will, or ignore it it's your choosing as always. It's there just the same, and I plan on posting there. Not sure what exactly will be on there, but I suppose I'll find out!


  1. He is sooooo cute :-D that is some dedication to nail varnish! OPI bunny! Maybe you should paint his nails too!


    1. You have no idea the excitement I had when I looked at his tattoo lol. This little boy is so sweet. The tattoo is in the left ear, and it's used at shows to identify the bunnies with what they win and such.