Orly Oui

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm got behind in my posting for Project Re-Swatch. Oops! I have a good reason, I swear, but I wont burden you all with it unless you really care to know lol. It's nothing serious, I promise. I swatched about 6 colors today, so I should be set for a bit at least the rest of the week.

 If you read any posts about this polish from earlier this year/late last year you will know that it is one of my all time favorites. The same goes for Mermaid's Tears which I swatched earlier today. I can't believe I only have these half decent swatches of two of my favorite polishes! I've work them both quite a lot, I just never got around to swatching them I suppose. As with most glitter/shimmers, I had issues capturing the shine on camera. I took a video indoors yesterday with it on. The lighting was perfect, and as always, this is true to color. Also, there is no sound.

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