OPI: Play The Peonies

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I wasn't planning on doing a blog post today, but my nails started to peel and chip. Not the nail polish, Chinchilly held on strong. It was my actual nail that was peeling, and my thumb started to break off, so I thought it was time to cut them.

I was so excited when I saw Play The Peonies in Ulta. It is such a gorgeous pearly pink color, and I wanted to try it on first. I held on, and decided to go with Chinchilly first, but oh boy was I excited to get this color on my nails! Play the Peonies is form the "Nice Stems!" collection that came out earlier this year.

My first impressions was on how opaque the polish is. I could have gotten away with doing one coat, but I thought 2 would make it stand out a lot more! My only issue is that I feel like it is a bit light for my skin tone, but oh well!!! Below are pictures of my nails, and the bottle. Both in direct sunlight, and shade.

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