OPI: Lucky Lucky Lavender

Friday, October 7, 2011

This polish is from the OPI Hong Kong collection that came out in Spring of last year. I just bought it, so I am assuming they put it out into their permanent collection. I wore the last color, Play the Peonies, until today without any chips whatsoever. So, I guess that means good things for the top coat that I've been using, which is the OPI top coat.

I really like this color , it's a pink with a hint of purple. It goes on quite opaque, but it doesn't reach the full color that is shown in the bottle until the second color.

Alright, here is the rest of the nail polishes I did in this round of reviews:

Color is much more accurate than it was the first time I posted these guys together. I also dropped Chinchilly on concrete on the way back in side =( It's alright, just a ding, so I guess that shows that the Essie bottles are made well! I do have to say, post rain lighting is the best. This is a real representation of what the bottles look like.

Ok, next time around (possibly Wednesday) I think I will spend a day talking about matte nail polish using varnish from Avon!


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