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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I went a little.... overboard. So much nail polish!!! To the average junkie, this wont seem like a lot. But, considering how much I bought VS what I was actually on the hunt for, it's a lot. I heard about the Essie Raise Awareness nail polish, and that it would be sold in salons and at Me, not putting 2 and 2 together, I went to Ulta thinking that I would only be getting nail polish from the new Essie Cocktail Bling collection. Silly me, there was Raise Awareness right next to the new collection. Snagged that one up real quick. I also looked at the new collection, only bought one; Cocktail Bling. The red one, Size Matters, wasn't as red as I expected, and Bangle Jangle had this weird purple liquid at the top that I could not shake or mix for the life of me! No matter how hard I tired, it wouldn't mix. So, I went to Target thinking that it would be out. Silly me, my Target is so slow!!! No new collection. But, I did still manage to walk out with 2 new nail polishes, Essie Case Study, and OPI I Want To Be A-Lone Star. Also, the ORLY minis (along with loads of other varnishes) were by 2 get 1 free at Ulta, so I decided that I wanted Lolipop, and a really bright true orange for Halloween, and them my husband picked up a sparkly red which had the name rubbed off of it. What is it with men and red?

I do plan on going to CVS later today to see if I can hunt down 2 of the new collection colors. Not sure which ones, but I'm limiting my self to 2.

On with the pictures!!!! Cause that's what you really want to see.

L to R: Orly Star Spangled (I think), Orly Hola (♥ the name), OrlyLillipop, Essie Raise Awareness, Essie Case Study, Essie Cocktail Bling, and OPI I Want To Be A-Lone Star

Some close ups:

I have a lot of posts lined up in the next few days:
A Essie Raise Awareness/French Affair comparison/review
Re-organizing my "the now box"
A comparison of the "drugstore" vs "salon" Essie bottles - They're different!
Matte Avon nail polish review/ comparison

So much!!! Ok, see you guys later, and expect an update soon! Also, don't be surprised if I throw in another "nail polish buy" post today or tomorrow :D

Random bunny picture to say bye bye:

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