Essie's French Affair and Raise Awareness comparison

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I got home, I realized some polish would have to get the boot from my "the now box", which is where I store my polish that I have been wearing lately. The rest go into a drawer for later use. I picked up Essie French Affair and Essie Raise Awareness, and realized the two looked remarkably similar. Test time!!!

French Affair on the left, and Raise Awareness on the right

French Affair on the left, and Raise Awareness on the right

Raise Awareness on the left, and French Affair on the right
Since Raise Awareness is limited edition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, is it worth hunting down after it's gone? If you can snag your hangs on French Affair, no. It's not worth it. Unless you really really want to donate to the cause, and can find this in stores, it's not going to be worth the purchase. The two are so close, it really is pointless to have both in your collection. I do love Raise Awareness, and both are great to have. Coming from a girl who doesn't want two of the same color, it's not worth it. It is for a great cause, and it is a beautiful color, and more pink than French Affair, which has a hint of purple in it. Just my opinion though!!

Here is a closer view of Raise Awareness:

Excuse the messy nails.

I am leaving tomorrow to go to Indianapolis. Don't worry, I will show you which nail polishes I am bringing. Ok, till next time, toodles!

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