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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ok, I realized that some nail polish would have to get the boot out of my box. Here is the chaos that resulted in me dumping everything on the floor.

Not a lot, but it's all that fits in the box. It's made out of lime green and purple plaid duct tape, with ribbon bows taped onto both sides of the box, all stuck to a really really, and I mean more than a decade old, box that used to hold miscellaneous stuff. The white thing is a foam insert that came in a case of Ulta face brushes. It fit perfectly!

Side note: No sure why Mint Candy Apple looks so blue... It's the only "blue" in the picture. So strange.

The varnish I knew that wold make the cut; my top coat, base coat, quick dry, silver shatter, and my 2 varnishes that I use for french tip (Essie's Marshmallow and Sugar Daddy)

The finish product:

The varnishes that got the boot :'(

L to R: Essie Too Too Hot, Essie Meet Me At Sunset, and Ulta Noel (bought at Target)

To be honest, I don't even like Noel. It's ridiculously streaky, and needs to meet the trashcan. The other two are summer colors, and it's hard to put them away, but I have to in order to make room. So sad, I love those colors.

That's me "the now box". See you guys in a few days! Toodles!

***NOTE: This was all taken before I went on a major nail polish shopping spree. Look out for an updated picture!

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