Nail polish. I want!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh my gosh this is going to get me in so much trouble!!! Yesterday-ish the Essie facebook page announced that the Cocktail Bling collection is starting to hit stores. Normally there's one or two that I want from a collection, or at least one that I flat out go EW at. You know, the colors that make you wonder why anyone would want that on their nails? Not this time! No sir-e-bobber. I want them ALL.

A while ago I saw the collection preview on All Lacquered Up. I am so excited about these colors! One of them I think I wont like in the store; School of Hard Rocks.

Also, let me say that I am loving the Luxeffects collection too! I will definitely be snatching up 2 or 3 of those glitter. I have absolutely no glitter nail polish. *gasp!* I have been on a hunt for a good one, and Deborah Lippman glitter nail polish is certainly catching my eyes.

Also, I just recently bought Essie's Angora Card. Let me say that I have had this on since Monday. LOVE. Ok, that is all =)

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