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Monday, November 7, 2011

My trip to Indianapolis is over. What was I doing there, you may ask.

Oh nothing, just a little bit of this:

While I was there, we decided to go downtown, and go into a mall. We were almost ready to leave, when I see a "spend $25, get one free OPI nail polish" or something like that. Guess what I did! Yup, I was sucked in by the deal, and had no idea how good it actually was! I ended up getting this much:

From left to right: OPI: Planks A Lot, Dulce De Leche, Skull & Glossbones, Steady As She Rose, Essie Adore-A-Ball. My mom gave me money to get her one too, which is why the total was more.

I walked into Trade Secret wanting only two colors; Planks A Lot, and I was torn between Skull & Glossbones and Steady As She Rose. I haven't seen the Pirates of the Caribbean collection for a few months, and was happy that they had it there, but sad that there was no Mermaid Tears. I pick up SASR, and walk over to the table where they had stuff for sale. I found Tweezerman Brow Gell, and a box of mini nail files for $2 each, AND Adore-A-Ball for $1. Oh my goodness!! I keep looking, and there are the other two colors I waned, SASR and S&G for 50% off each. I put the original SASR back, and picked up these two lovelies and took my happy little butt to the counter. The sales lady then tells me that I can get a free OPI nail polish!!! I was so overwhelmed, so I went for the pretty redish, greyish, pink; Dulce De Leche. Oh was I happy!

I was so excited for Adore-A-Ball. It's what this blog is named after, and a color I've been wanting, but haven't actually gotten around to actually buying. Now it's mine =).

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