Sunday Summary

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week I 
- Was sick for the majority of it
- Got nothing productive done, whatsoever
- Restarted my Sims 3 Medieval game
- Went to Emerson Preserve even though I was sick. Really nice day out, the breeze was soooo refreshing
- Opened a store on Storenvy called Polish Adore. Right now there are only a few blog elements, but I intend on adding pillows something within the next few weeks. I got bored while I was sick
- Am procrastinating creating a new blog post even though I know what I want to do
- Bought way too much Butter London online. Oops

How was your week? Mine was weird. Like really really weird. 


  1. hi kristina! visiting from bbn married bloggers group. Why was your week weird? Lol. My week was... Mother in law week. Need i say more. Turned out quite well though and gave me inspiration to write a funny post out of it lol. New follower here! Mandy @

    1. Well, I got sick after my first day back at work (I work at a school), my aunt also came into town, the whole weekend was spent celebrating birthdays, I went to Emerson despite being sick (the things I do for that dog), I only posted here once, I started that design shop even though I said I would never do one, and I am obsessed with Sims 3 Medieval again! It was not a normal week lol.