Favorite manicure of the moment

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love the gradient look, I hope it never goes out of style. Lately I've been wearing Butter London Rosie Lee on top of Julep Pippa. I had to put so many coats of top coat it's crazy! I am not a fan of a grainy finish.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was going to do a nail polish video once my Coterie order came in. It's here, but I am going to wait until Julep gets here. If I was only getting two polish, I wouldn't have worried about it, but I'm getting four. Some will get the boot from my drawer, and the inside will change because I'm always changing how Julep is stored. It's just a mess in there.

Have you tried a gradient manicure? What colors did you loose? I'm always trying to figure out more combinations.

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