Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Eggplant | a review

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I feel like Avon/Mark is such an underrated brand, and I can honestly see why. Who wants to actually hunt down a sales rep, order, then hope you get your stuff within the next week? It's not a very effective way of doing things, since campaigns usually run for two weeks at a time. You don't need to hunt down a rep to buy some of their products, you can buy directly from their website, and have it shipped to you. Shipping to a rep saves on shipping though. While I do believe their apparel and accessories can be dodgy on the quality, their makeup is actually pretty good. With all of their lack of hype and what not, there really isn't reviewed all that often. Since I buy a lot of my makeup from them, I figured the least I could do is review it for all of you.

I love wearing purple eyeliner. I feel like it stands out with my brown eyes, and any eye color really (especially green!). This little booger was a pain to get a hold of! I ordered it two different times, and each time it never showed up. Eventually my mom ordered it for herself and forgot about it. When she looked at it she was confused, and knew I had been wanting it and gave it to me. Apparently ordering it was an accident, but I'm not too sure about the exact details.

The swatch on the left is a plain line, and the one on the right is showing how it smudges. That's not bad when you consider that I was trying to smudge it, and was pressing pretty hard a few times. It does have shimmer in it, but it's not in your face "omg glitter!". It stays on for most of the day. It's hard for me to judge because my eyes get watery very often, and I find myself rubbing my eyes constantly so it doesn't look like I'm crying (curse you allergies). Even with all that, there is some still there at the end of the day. I consider that a good thing.

This eyeliner retails for $6.00, but more often than not Avon offers the pencils at a discount for $1.99. There are 6 colors; Black, Dark Brown, Khaki, Charcoal, Eggplant, and Midnight Blue.

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