Nook Simple Touch Review

Friday, July 27, 2012

Webcam picture. Wonderful, no? Sorry about the flipped picture, that's what I get for using a computer. It seriously looked better this way, though. I remember seeing this thing (real descriptive, I know) that what you see in the mirror is different than what people see. Just watch this: (9:55 to about 11:30, but it should jump to the former).

Totally enlightened moment there! Anywho that is why I kept it this way even after I flipped it, or I assume that is the reason since I like the way this one looks than the other. ENOUGH ABOUT ME! The real star is the Nook Simple Touch =)

I know, this is a pretty off topic post, but I've mentioned in past blog posts how much I love my Nook. A lot of the features I haven't been able to use since I've been reading the same book since I got it. I keep forgetting I have it, sad and dumb I know! I really have gotten out of the habit since I took a hiatus due to high school. I'm the type of person that if I'm forced to do it, I wont like it, and reading outside of school wasn't any fun anymore. I'm working on it though!

Pride and Prejudice, first chapter

It has a lot of the same features that the ever popular Kindle has. It is missing is the text to speech option, which is fine by me. If you hold your finger on the word for a second or two it will highlight it, and give you four options; highlight, add note, share, and look up. The look up option is the dictionary which is real helpful when reading a book with words that the reader may not be familiar with. Can anyone say textbooks? E-readers (probably the colored versions more) are PERFECT for college students!

When you're reading a PDF file the only thing that you can change is text size. No highlighting options are available. You can still search within the file to find something, and chapters are still useable if the file has them included, i.e. a school catalog would still have chapters, but a plain research paper that is saved as a PDF file would not.

So, why did I choose the Nook Simple Touch over the Kindle?

  1. Cheaper - I bought it for $75 during the mother's day sale.
  2. No Ads - I don't care if I can buy the version/pay to have them removed, the fact I have to pay to remove ads on something that I already bought annoys me so much!
  3. Physical Stores - I like going to a real store if I need issues. I don't like calling tech support, so if I can ever walk into a store and have them look at it, that makes me happy.
  4. Expandable Memory - I like this option, even though I highly doubt I will ever need it.

The text is really clear, and I don't see any words or images burned onto the screen after it "refreshes" itself, and erases the previous e-ink which it does every time I wake up the Nook, and after 6 page turns.

Features that would be a deciding factor, but didn't matter to me:
MP3 playing capability
Web browsing
Text to speech

I love the size. It fits into both of my small clutches/purses. It's light weight, and really thin! I also love that I can change the screensaver to whatever I please, which I think is going to be the cover of the current book I'm reading (I have to manually import it).

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