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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 I try my hardest to go to Basin every time I go to Disney. They just reopened the store in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney. I love their bath bombs the best, and they have new treasures to play with! I opted to go light this round, only picking up three bath bombs and two different soaps.

$4.99 ea. OR 3 for $12.00 
Pirate Treasure
"Ahoy Matey! Thar be a surprise pirate treasure in every bath bomb!"

$4.99 ea. OR 3 for $12.00
Viva la Juicy
"An irresistible blend of honeysuckle, spring blossoms, and juicy citrus fruits."

$4.99 ea. OR 3 for $12.00
Hidden Treasure
"Whimsical and delightful - inside each bath bomb is a surprise too!"

Tea Tree
"Enriched with tea tree oil to treat acne and prevent brakeouts. Added peppermint oil cools and nourished oily skin."

Fluffy Pet Soap
"We've added essential oils to inhibit buggy invaders and aloe vera to soothe any itches. Your cat or dog will thank you!"

If you've been brave enough to use this on your cat, let me know! I will be using it on my dog, I enjoy that my cat likes me, and I want to keep it that way lol.

That's all that I got from my latest trip to Basin. I want to do a review of the Tea Tree soap, It smells lovely! There are so many good things that tea tree oil can do. I haven't opened them, and I don't want to until I'm ready to use them to keep them nice.

Quotations are copied from the signs at the store.

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