Meet Baby Gandalf!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

This is the youngest member over here. He is so cute! You will be seeing him a lot. He sleeps upside down. Such a chubby cuttie-pie. He is not asleep in the picture, his eyes aren't open yet. Yes he is in my July Julep Maven box, no I am not posting about it. =)

 I can tell he's comfortable with me though. I pick him up, and he doesn't squirm anymore like most of the babies do. Color, I *think* is Lilac. I'm having issues figuring it out. It's not what it's supposed to be, genetics wise, let's just say that. You guys are probably so lost. In an attempt to not make that worse, this is where I say toodles! Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday, I have Ikea and apartment looking on the agenda.

Bye bye!
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P.S. My husband named him Gandalf, and I added the "Baby" in front. If his color ends up being Lilac, he will be Gandalf the Lilac. So cheesy, I know right?

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