March Julep box

Monday, March 5, 2012

This time I switched to Classic With A Twist. I fell in love with Brooke! The box was soo pretty! Ok, ok. Here are some pictures. Some with flash on, some without it. All unedited! Yay for lack of ambition today!!! Even though this is the second post today on this blog, I did school work, this is still an ambitionless day! Yes. New word.

Yay! I was happy to see this beauty. The side shown is softer, with the rough side hiding. Nice little nail file, so I approve!

I tried this stuff on the ends of my hair. It works, I guess. I didn't pay too much attention. I know there's a lot of hype on this, and it does not smell as some people thought. I even sniffed it, which will go against everything my science teachers ever taught me.

Ok! That is it for today, I hope, and I will see you lovelies next time. Toodles!

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