Fall Nail Polish Picks

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I was rearranging my nail polish drawers the other day, clearing one out so I can store my hoard of lotions in one, when I started rediscovering some polishes. I wanted to put them all on. This is a little collection of the colors I'm going to leave out, and apply during this season.

When I think of nail colors for fall I think of muted colors. Not necessarily dark, but not bright either. Something that goes with every outfit, and just looks cozy. Yes, I want my nail polish to be cozy.

Two of my long time Essie faves: Cocktail Bling (makes mental note to swatch this color) and Angora Cardi (on my nails currently), including a new love: The Lace is On

Even though Butter London are my chippiest nail polishes, I love All Hail the Queen and The Black Knight, which is a long time favorite. I really recommend it. I'm about to switch out Angora Cardi for All Hail the Queen.

The two China Glaze colors that I have picked out are strictly for my toes. I did not wait to put Sex on the Beach on. It's on my toes currently. I think it's more of a summer color, but my toes are happy either way (because they totally have a choice). I put Avalanche on my list last year, but I don't recall if I ever wore it or not. I love the metallic purple color.

Lastly is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shoot the Moon. Shoot the Moon was a PR sample, and I can't believe I didn't swatch it, or even mention it (it was a package to advertise CVS's new Nail HQ). It's beautiful, and I love the formula. Look out for that swatch.

Of course, we can't forget this combination: Zoya Mia and Zoya Jules.

What colors are you planning on wearing this fall? What colors do you normally gravitate towards during this chilly season?

A sister post to 'Fall Lips'.
Post contains only one PR sample: Sally Hansen Shoot the Moon


  1. I love Cocktail Bling, I just had it on last week. I need to get some of the Fall and Winter collection from Essie. Love all your polishes!

  2. Thanks =) I've only had a chance to pick one up from the Fall collection, and I haven't even seen the Winter ones in person yet. I'm super behind with my nail polish collections.

  3. Those are all great fall shades