Daily Face- keep it simple

Friday, November 22, 2013

Daily Face Guerlain Boots Real Techniques Maybelline Fit Me Loreal Crayon Concealer

My daily face makeup has turned into something very simple. I try to keep it simple at the moment by only having my two concealers, and a powder foundation. There's just something about colder weather that makes me want to simplify everything. I don't know what it is, though. I haven't been buying a lot lately, so I've been rummaging through my stash, and pulling out some old favorites. I'm kind of glad I did. It allowed me to nix liquid foundation for now. It's also allowing my face to have a breather, which is nice. Less is more.

I use my Real Techniques Foundation brush to blend both concealers in. It makes it so much more simpler, and I'm much lighter with it. When I use my fingers I find that I tend to blend a bit too much, therefor spreading the concealer out, and sometimes out of the area I need to cover. I use my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, which I've had for ages, and L'Oreal Crayon Concealer. L'Oreal helps under my eyes, and the Fit Me one helps L'Oreal tone down the redness.

I pulled out my Boots No7 Mineral Perfect Foundation earlier this month, and I'm back to loving it. A light application is all that is necessary with this. This foundation tends to come out dark, I use New Ivory, and too much can cause my face to be way too dark. I like to apply it with my Guerlain Meteorites Brush, which is always a favorite (I mean really, who can resist pink bristles? Not me!). Also, I have had this brush for years, like 6+, and I have yet to notice it start shedding. I love this tiny thing.

I do apply eye makeup, I can never resist it, but that post is for tomorrow =)

How often do you reach through your stash rather than buying something new?


  1. I always use my Real technique brushes for my make-up application on a daily basis too! Hehe, i do know what you mean about the pretty pink brush by Guerlain~ I like using it for my powder blushers sometimes ^^. I have reduced my make-up most days too because i tend to use a more berry/dark toned lipsticks in the colder months :)

    Thanks for sharing~ I hope you have a lovely day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  2. I'm jealous of anyone that wears darker shades. I'm such a wimp =P

  3. I love real techniques all around

  4. They are great! Fantastic quality, and you can't beat that price. I can't wait for her to come out with a larger variety, and a bunch of individual ones.