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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The final installment of this years gift guide. This time I gathered up a bunch of random gift ideas that I thought of. Hopefully they give you some ideas =)

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint- $5 I've mentioned this before, but I love love love peppermint scented products. I was thinking about doing a Bath and Body Works gift guide, but then I realized that it would be completely biased towards all things Peppermint =)

Tervis Tumblr for him- $11-$15 You can never go wrong with a tumblr, and I know my husband would love this one. It says 'Life is Better at the Cabin' and it has a little log cabin patch. I think it's adorable, and a great gift.

Xhilaration Tech Gloves- $9 While it's nearly unnecessary to wear gloves in the winter where I live, I know that a lot of you do. I remember seeing tech gloves years ago, but they weren't as mass produced as they once were. I really like this set because it comes with three of them in three different colors; white, grey, and black.

Jasmine La Belle bath poof- $3 I had to include this. It was too cute to pass up!

Kong Holidy Felt Mice- $5 My cat loves anything with feathers, and mice. We have tons of mice scattered around the house. Can't go wrong when you mix the two, right? You'd probably get one very happy kitty, and let's face it; it's better to have them on our side.

Great Choice Bone Value Pack- $6 (on sale for $4.19) I love getting toys for my dog, but she tends to be a bit picky (ropes and tennis balls are always a safe bet with her, though). I think this pack has a great variety, and at a good price. 4 toys: a rope, ball, squeaky toy, and a soft one. Endless hours of fun!

Do you buy presents for your pets?
I actually used to have a dog that would tear the wrapping off the gifts. It was quite cute.

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  1. The felt mice are adorable. When I had birds, I did purchase holiday presents for them. I miss my birds.