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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Essie The Lace Is On

Essie The Lace Is On

Essie The Lace Is On

It's been so long since I've swatched a nail polish, and even longer since I've picked one up. I was in Target last week and I spotted this pretty little number; The Lace Is On by Essie. It's from their new Fall 2013 collection.

Wow is this color beautiful. It's a Fuchsia base with what seems like pink, kind of like magenta, shimmer. Very nice, and very easy to apply. It took me two coats to achieve an opaque finish, but one semi-thick coat should do the trick.

The other polishes in this collection are also beautiful, and I hope to pick up a few more. I love the metallic feel of For The Twill Of It, and there's something about Cashmere Bathrobe and Vested Interest that I love. I'm glad to see that not all of these aren't muted, and there are a couple of bright colors to choose from.

What colors do you like to wear in the fall? Are you excited for the season to begin? I am. I love cold weather.

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