Julep and Orly Dupes

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Julep Julia and Orly Oui.

Julia is on the pointer and ring finger, and Oui is on the middle and pinkie. Pretty identical when all is said and done. Oui was more opaque, and generally easier to apply, but the end result is basically the same.

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Orly Androgynie and Julep Patti

Patti is on the pointer and ring finger, and Androgynie is on the middle and pinkie Androgynie has more of a dark brown base, and its glitter is colorful. Patti is black with silver bits. Patti also has more glitter pay off than Androgynie. But, Androgynie is more opaque and only required two coats, where Patti needed three. Close, but not exact, but Patti is a good compromise if you really want something similar to Androgynie.

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Orly Oui and Androgynie were released in 2011, and are easily some of my favorite polishes. Recently Julep released some colors that look really close to those two, and I decided to compare them together. I'm very happy with Oui and Julia. Julia is a great dupe for Oui, but Patti falls a little short in the dupe department, but on its own it's beautiful.

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