Jubilee Grapefruit Body Scrub | Review

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

About the Product
Sizes: 4oz and 8oz
Prices: 6oz- $6 | 8oz- $10
Natural and homemade
Scents: Grapefruit, Peppermint, Jasmine, Orange
Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut Oil, Honey, and Essential Oils

I held onto this scrub for a little bit before trying it out. I do know the Etsy seller, she was a childhood friend of mine, and her mother works with mine (I also technically work with her mom too, but my job is kind of funky). That's how I got ahold of this product; my mom talked to her mom and mentioned this little blog of mine. Ok, so that's the back story of this little tale.

As I said, I held onto it for a bit. I did notice that the oils began to separate from the sugar, as oils normally do. It didn't effect the product. For some reason today when I went to use it the pool of oil was gone. Does sugar absorb oil? I really don't know. I just added a little bit of water on my hands, and it worked like normal. It just looks different, the product wasn't really effected. No idea what went wrong there, it could be that that's what it normally looks like and I was so used to the separation. I wouldn't put it past me, so I really don't think it's a huge deal as far as the product quality goes.

Being a sugar scrub, it dissolves as you use it. The smell isn't as obviously grapefruit as it was with the QTICA scrub I reviewed last year, but it also doesn't have all the artificial ingredients that one has. The scent is nice, regardless, and doesn't linger on the hands (a feature I personally like).

After using it, I immediately notice how much softer my skin is. My skin doesn't feel dry, or greasy after using the product.

Overall, I really do like it. If we're comparing prices, it's cheaper than the Qtica one, and better than any sea salt scrub I've tried (I don't like sea salt scrubs, though).

Do I recommend? Yes. Would I purchase this product? Possibly, I'm currently looking at my sugar scrub options, so I don't know if I will be repurchasing any for a while. It's definitely a contender.

How often do you shop at Etsy? Do you prefer natural products over a big name brand?

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