10 things you probably didn't know about me

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Friday, and memorial day weekend. So far I have absolutely not plans, and that probably wont change. You may have figured out that that seemingly normal sized child is little me. I figured why not do a little personal post today? I've been playing around with the blog layout (had a bit of fun with the blur tool), and tweaked my about me page a bit. I figured why not tell you all my deepest and darkest secrets, that really aren't very deep or dark? That and I'm actually sitting here for some decent light to hit my bedroom so I can new pictures for a blog post. Patience is not my strong suit.

Now you get to deal with pictures of little me, oh joy!

The picture above was taken at Niagara Falls on one of my many trips to Canada (Quebec mostly, I have a ton of family there). No idea how old I was, but I do know it was before the 4th grade. I got glasses sometime in that grade.

Star Wars, anyone? Taken at MGM Studios (Now Hollywood Studios). I was so amazed that these three were together that I wanted to give the picture to my dad for either fathers day or his birthday. I was little, it's hard to remember that far back. Making myself feel old. I'm only 22, btw.


- I'm actually a shy person when you first meet me. I may seem closed off, and rude, but it's just because I'm not very good at getting to know people. Become my friend and I don't shut up, and I say the most ridiculous things.

- I was actually normal height in elementary school, and believe it or not, I was on the tall side. Apparently my bones decided enough was enough, and kept me just under the 5 foot mark.

- Secretly I'm glad I don't have a whole heap of money to spend. I would have way too many purses, and way too much nail polish. More than I would ever use. Basically I would become a shopaholic/hoarder.

- Rabbits aren't my favorite animal. People seem to think this because I have so many (I show, and what not), but cats have always been my most loved animal.

- I get irritated really easily, and for the stupidest things.

- I used to have my fair share of OCD moments as a young teen, and how my parents didn't notice, I'll never understand. At one point if I touched something with one hand, especially my face, I HAD to touch it with the other hand. Same goes for my peripheral vision. If I saw something out of the corner of my eye I would turn my head/body so I saw it out of the other corner (weird, I know). Everthing had to be even, basically. I still catch myself doing both of these things from time to time, but luckily I've grown out of it for the most part.

- Whenever I post about a routine that I do (nail care, skincare, etc.), I quickly abandoned it, and stop doing one of the steps, if not the whole thing altogether. I do plan on sticking to this routine, though. Time to stop being lazy!

- When asked to name my devices, I use various forms of "Poke". Phone: Lord Poke Poke, BlackBerry PlayBook/old iPod Touch: Sir Pokes A Lot, iPad Mini: Poke Poke the Magnificent (that one is my favorite).

- I really don't like Florida, even though I can't imagine living anywhere else. It's so different depending on where you are. Farm land, forests, beach, swamps, Fantasyland (hehe), and really old stuff. The only constant are the palm trees. They're EVERYWERE. The only thing we don't have are mountains and deserts. If we did acquire a mountain, I'm convinced the state would just sink. Also, all the crazies live here.

- I've never had my heart broken. I've been in love one time, had one (official) boyfriend, and that was that. I was out of the dating world before I even entered it. I've never been happier, and even though I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I still feel secure and safe. I have no regrets about it, either.

I was an adorable child, not quite sure what happened.

I promise a decent post tomorrow, I felt like talking to someone other than my cat. Even she's beginning to think I'm weird. At least talking to the internet seems a little less strange.

Also let me know what you think about the mini change in layout. I'm not feeling the widget titles anymore, but I'm at a lost as to how to change it.

What are some interesting facts about you? I love facts.

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