Confession: I stereotype my nail polish

Monday, May 20, 2013

A couple of days ago I was thinking about my nail polish collection (just as any normal person does), and I realized that I can categorize my nail polish into different "stereotypes". I go to each brand for different reasons, or I just noticed a pattern with them. This mainly goes with my personal collection of nail polishes, and what I have.

It took me a while to realize how much I love Zoya's formula. I only buy it when they have their deals online, or when I find one I like in Ulta (which is actually pretty rare). It lasts the longest on my nails, and they have a very wide color range. It applies smoothly, and with very little streaking. I wish it was more available.

Julep definitely is the most diverse as far as color goes. I honestly thought China Glaze was going to get this one, but when I looked at the bottles, I realized that Julep has the widest assortment of colors. The brand itself, in my opinion, is a bit slow on the trends, but they definitely have the range of colors part down. I also really like the formula, but overall it's not my favorite.

China Glaze has my strangest shades. If I want an off the wall color, I know China Glaze will probably have it. I also find that when they do a color, they do it right. They also do it early in the game, where some brands follow the trends, I feel like CG sets them. Maybe it's just my opinion, rather than fact. I want to say they were one of the first with magnetic, they had neons and brights out when the trend hit last year, and they were right there with the texture trend.

I feel like OPI is my least favorite brand. I love the brush, but I like Sally Hansen's more. The formula is ok, but not the best. That being said, most of my favorite shades are OPI. Kind of backwards, I know. If I ever want to change my nail polish, but I can't decide on a shade, I know I can go to my OPI drawer to find something I love. It's definitely my default brand, even if it isn't my favorite.

This wasn't even intentional, but most of my Essie bottles are a different shade of pink. I have the occasional odd ball, such as Bikini So Teeny, but for the most part they're pink or coral. The shades I have are a really nice pastel color, which are my favorites. I think that's what Essie is known for, though. They do pastels really well.

To me butter LONDON became the brand that's kind of there. I don't really use it, mainly because I don't like the formula. I gave into the hype with this brand. Now, every person is different, and different formulas work better with different people. That being said, I was not impressed with butter LONDON's formula at all. For some brands you're paying for the name more than the formula (i.e. Chanel), and that's perfectly fine, it's just nail polish after all. But for a company to have such a high price ($14 a pop), I expected OPI/Zoya-esque wear (especially with the reviews I read). They don't even last a day on my nails, even with a good top and base coat. Plus I hate it when brands charge more for less (Julep is the same). I like the colors that I have, Black Knight was my first color for this brand, but overall the BL brand isn't for me.

Sorry it got a little bit ranty at the end. I'm also sorry for the mini hiatus I took. May just has been one roller coaster ride of a month, and I'm glad it's almost over. Let me know if you've noticed a trend with your nail polish. Each brand has their strengths and weaknesses, and I think it's so interesting at how different brands work best with different people. It shows that one size does not fit all.

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