Zoya 2013 Earth Day Promotion Buys

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jacqueline | Julie | Blu | Cassi | Neely | Gie Gie

I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again; I love pastels! When I saw the Lovely 2013 Spring Collection I fell in love. This is the collection that I've been waiting for. I was so bummed when brights, and neons, were the trend.

For the Zoya 2013 Earth Day Promotion I bought the Lovely. I swapped out Piaf for Cassi, and this makes for a better spring collection, I think. Neely, Jacqueline, and Blu are creams. The others are shimmers.

At first I thought Blu was going to be a dupe for Kristen. Kristen is more of a dusty color, and waaaay more sheer. Blu is just beautiful, and I like it better than last year's bloggers favorite Essie Bikini So Teeny. *gasp*

I have already applied Julie, and it's a beautiful color. What I love about it most is that I can get away with one coat, although it is a bit sheer. It's not streaky, at all.

Cassi is soooo not photographed true to color, just throwing that out there.

Did you pick up any nail polishes in this years Earth Day promotion? Sorry about not mentioning anything on the blog, I completely forgot. I actually canceled the Julep box in favor of this promotion. It's so much better!! That's probably why I didn't think about it, I was too busy saying goodbye to yet another Julep Maven box. No, I have not purchased one since the last time I posted about one.

Also, another question: Am I the only one that doesn't like to buy any Zoya polishes unless there's a sale going on?

Ramble ramble ramble

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