Foot pampering day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I value my feet, and the care I put into them. The hold me up, and are just as important in my day to day life as my hands, so why shouldn't I pamper them on my day off?

If you don't like feet, or it grosses you out, do not continue reading. I hide nothing in this post, since feet don't personally bother me. =) Products mentioned are listed below with links.

The first thing I do is apply the Best Pedi Prep Ever! on the hard parts of my feet. Let that sit for a bit (about 3 minutes), and use my foot file to scrape it off. Now, this isn't an instant thing, it wont smooth the skin out instantly, which I personally would prefer. That's where my foot mask comes in. Mine is from Avon. I run the towels (kitchen hand towels) under hot water, apply the mask generously (as in I use way too much), and wrap the towels around my feet. I leave that on for 5 minutes or so, and wipe the mask off. It doesn't harden like most masks do.

After I let my feet dry a little I apply lotion. Normally I use a Julep one, but today I used one that I bought on sale at Target. After I massage it into my skin, I slip socks on to trap in the moisture, and relax. When I take my socks off, the look so much smoother, and nicer.

It's a process that I like to do after all the housework is finished, and when I'm ready have some time to relax, and not get up for a while.

Kitty! That's Magic, he's my dad's cat.

Products I use

The Best Pedi Prep Ever and Julep Foot File (currently out of stock, but I'm sure you can find a replacement)- Check out Avon's Foot Works line, they have great products for foot care. Bath & Body Works is also a great option, I have used many of their products in the past.
Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask
J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion - Grapefruit (Just use a lotion of your choice. As long as it's moisturizing, it doesn't matter the brand. This one was what I preferred at the moment).
Hand Towels - Whatever you have at home. I suggest soft plush ones. They feel nicer =)
Socks - Whatever you wish to use. Again, soft plush ones feel better. Mine were a gift for Christmas, I think from Kohls, but I'm not sure.

How often do you pamper your feet? Do you tend to neglect them? I used to, but living in Florida I walk around in flip flops even in the dead of winter, so I've become more aware of my feet. Btw, dead of winter is like 40 degrees F here, so not too bad.

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