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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not too long ago I decided to swap out my dying iPod Touch for a new device. I was teetering between the new Touch, or the iPad Mini because there was only a $30 difference between the two. Obviously I chose the latter. It's the iPad Mini 16 GB WIFI only. I can do more on it, I can edit my documents while still having the aspects that I loved from my iPod (music and games). The size of the iPad was always an immediate turn off for me. I'm small, and I prefer my stuff to be small. The size of the iPad fits perfectly in my hands, and I also don't have an issue with the think bezel that everyone was complaining about because my hands are small (touching the screen accidentally). Remember, I'm only about 4'11".

So far my experience with it has been amazing, and I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a smaller tablet, and like iOS.

My case is from Speck, I bought it at Books A Million. My wallpaper is from the web. I love it! I don't exactly want to go to France, but I love France/Paris themed stuff. It's always so pretty.

Without further adieu, I give you a "what's on my iPad" video slash how I stay semi productive using my iPad.

Up top you have the usual; camera, clock, calendar, calculator (that I downloaded), itunes, app store, settings, and video. Pretty basic stuff there, most came with the device.

Then I have my games.
-The first two folders have my Donut Games (company name). They're a lot of fun, I had   them on my iPod.
-Then YouTube, which is an ok app. It's better than the old app.
-Netflix, which is amazing, love Netflix.
-The Sims Freeplay is addicting, I can't get enough.
-A Smurf game which it's getting old, LogoQuiz (oh my gosh, I love this game), and Kindle (which, I have, but probably wont use).

Now for the social media stuff; Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads- all great apps, and do what they're supposed to do. They're nice to have on the iPad when I don't feel like pulling out my computer. I don't even know why I still have Wunderlist on there. I don't really like it.

The main dock has my most used apps, and personally my favorite section of the iPad:
-Safari is pretty basic, it's a browser.
-I haven't used Blogger yet, but I like that I can edit posts on the go. It will come in handy, I'm sure. The only issue I have with blogging from a device is the lack of camera connectivity. I may look into fixing that situation.
-I can't even begin to explain how much I love Pages. This is the main reason I got the iPad, and the reason I updated the OS on my computer (from Snow Leopard, I needed iCloud). That was more trouble than it was worth.
-Feedly is an RSS reader. I imported my blog subscriptions to the site, and downloaded the app. The site is easy to use, and looks really nice. The app is a bit annoying to get used to. I'm still trying to figure it out. I want to recommend it, but I'm still trying to get a feel for it. Check it out, it's a great alternative to Google Reader as far as I can tell. Especially since Hellocotton has decided to kick the bucket as well, it's becoming harder to find a really good reader. They're even coming out with an app for BlackBerry10. This news made me happy =)
-Lastly, music. I really like the music app on this. I didn't like it on the iPod. The interface was dull, and an eyesore imo. The only complaint I have currently is that I wish it had the "play next" feature that the latest iTunes version has. I didn't realize how useful it is.

Some of the blogs I follow on the Feedly app. It's a very pretty looking app (And the website mirrors this), and navigating is easy. I don't like that i have to hit every blog individually to mark them as unread. Also when I click the "Today" option, it only shows one blog. To see the rest, I have to click "Latest". It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but so far that's the only thing I don't like about the app.

It's easier to navigate online, and everything is right there when you log on. Other than that, I have no real complaints. I really like Feedly, much more than Bloglovin'.

This is the first folder titled "Donut Games". Donut Games is the company that makes these, and there's over 30 of them. They cost $.99, but I didn't buy any of mine. Every so often (usually one every week, sometimes more) they'll put a game up for free. Over the past 3 or 4 years I've been collecting the apps, and now I have 30 of them total. A lot of them are logic based, and just plain fun. Sunday Lawn (top right with the mower) reminds me of the old Mac After Dark Games I used to play when I was little. Nostalgia. A fellow nineties kid can relate.

On the last page I have Wonderly, which I don't even use. It's supposed to help with financial things, to do list, and projects. I haven't deleted it because it could be useful in the future, and so far I like it more than Wunderlist and Evernote. I hope to utilize this app. Productivity apps are one of my favorite ones to look at in iTunes.

Next I have a folder for all the apps I wont be using, but can't delete. Then I have the annoying Newstand. I added the links to magazine subscriptions so it didn't look bare. I can't get rid of it, and I can't stick it in a folder. Might as well make it nice to look at.

The Weather Channel, for obvious reasons. It's a good app. I miss how it was on my old phone (BlackBerry 9700). The app always kept the current temperature visible on the app itself, so I didn't have to click on it. Beggars can't be choosers, though.

Target app to view the weekly add (Target is my favorite store). IMDb to look up those actors that look soooo familiar, but I can't figure out where I know them from. I know I'm not alone on this. Pandora, I don't even use it. I'm probably going to delete that one and Wonderlist.

Last two games: 4 Pics 1 Word (which has become boring, so that one is probably going to go as well), and Scrabble which I play with my husband.

That's it! I do want to reiterate that Hellocotton is shutting down. So, Google Reader and Hellocotton are going to be no more. So, right now Bloglovin', Feedly, E-mail subscriptions (until Google decides to get rid of Feedburner, which honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they do), and GFC are the easiest way to follow a blog that I can think of. Bloglovin' and Feedly both have an easy way to import from GR, and Feedly has apps for iOS (phone and pad) and Android, and plans for a BB10 app in the future. Bloglovin' only has one for iPhone.

Also I now have an Instagram account! It's very sparse, I haven't gotten out much lately, but I hope to become active on it very soon. Follow me if you want, I would appreciate it so I don't feel lonely =)

Enjoy your Easter Sunday tomorrow. Stay safe, and be happy.

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