Sally Hansen for Easter

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I used one of the Sally Hansen strips that I picked up on clearance last year. I originally intended on wearing some with butterflies imprinted on them (also picked up on clearance, yes I've been holding onto them for this long), but these were such a pain, I decided to stick with these for the week. I used the gel from the insta gel strips to make them last longer, and so far they're holding out. The pattern reminds me of a picnic blanket.

I don't know if they got old, or I got a bad batch. The first pack I tried gave me the biggest headache. The clear strip that you're supposed to pull off kept getting stuck to the nail polish strip, causing me to rip about 7 of the 10 strips. One of the ones I did manage to get off lost it's stickiness almost immediately. Basically my pointer finger, and my pinky are the only ones that have the strips from that pack on them (left hand), and my pinky I had to fight with to save it. The other pack was fine, no issues with it at all. It worked normally. I want to say it was a bad batch. Logic tells me that both packs would be ruined. I'll let you all know if the butterfly one is like this. This means that the strips could have an expiration date, but I personally don't think that's the case.

I fought way too hard to just let them come off after a few days. Taking them off is not going to be fun..

Anywho, I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! I'll probably blog before then, I haven't had much to say lately. Nothing to review, no beauty hauls, nothing really. I have a book haul that I could do, but I'm trying not to bog the blog down with book stuff. I've been good with two a month, and the occasional review.

What are your plans for Easter? Anything special going on the nails? Last year I did a little layering manicure.

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