FTC updates their regulations

Friday, March 29, 2013

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For those of you who haven't heard, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has updated their rules.

If you haven't heard about the FTC regulations for bloggers, or maybe you've seen it but don't know much about it, it's basically a set of rules that intend to make bloggers (and subsequently YouTubers) disclose how the product being shown to you was purchased.

These rules apply to US bloggers only. Although it is still good practice, and builds a trusting relationship between the reader and blogger.

What does this mean?
-This is good for you, the reader. You should know when a product was sent to the blogger, or if they bought it with their own money.
-It's trying to do away with the shady aspect of blogging, and allowing you, the reader, to know when a post was sponsored.

What do we have to disclose?
-If a product was sent from a PR company, a company themselves (i.e. indie brands).
-When a post is sponsored (paid to post, paid to talk about a product, or if a company provides products to use in a giveaway is called a sponsored giveaway).
-When affiliate links are present.
-This also includes paid Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.
-Anything that was not bought with your own money or was paid for must be disclosed.

What has been updated/How to comply?
-Well, they don't think it's fair that some bloggers wait until the very end to add the disclosure.
-The disclosure now has to be placed before the product is mentioned, and at the end.
-"Sample" is not a proper disclosure anymore. "Product X was sent by Company X for me to test and review" is much closer to what they want.
-The idea is that the intention to disclose is clear, not sneaky sneaky shady stuff.

What will happen if the blogger does not comply?
-They risk being blacklisted by companies
-FTC has the right to slap the blogger with a hefty fine, and the blog may be taken down.
-Relationships with fellow bloggers may be severed.

How Adore A Polish will comply:
-Even before the update I said within the review how I came across the product, and I will continue to do so.
-My disclosure at the end will be more obvious (worded more clearly).
-If I bought the product, which occurs most of the time, I wont say anything. I may still mention where I bought it (I went to X), but I won't be plastering "I paid for this with my own money" all over the post, because it simply isn't necessary.

For a more in depth explanation, please check out the this link:

If you have any further questions, you can ask me. If I don't know the answer, I will ask for you.

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