Color Blocking Combinations. Yay!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is a pretty popular trend that I've been noticing. I don't like the name "color blocking". That's probably because I am unsure about what it actually means. Besides that little hiccup, I decided to put together a few color combinations in hopes to find my favorite one. All are colors that are out now (with the exception of three, but I'll mention them when I get there)

My advice is to try colors that are opposite of each other, but compliment each other well. Hold the bottles next to each other, that will show you how well they work. You don't have to use these exact colors, this is just for an idea, and the combinations I found in my own stash.

Hope you enjoy!

One my pointer and middle finger I have China Glaze Peachy Keen. My ring and pinky finger are currently being occupied by OPI What's With the Cattitude, which is one of the polishes that are not in production anymore. It was part of the Shrek collection release I believe in 2010, or 2009. Not quite sure.

I really like this combo. Probably my favorite of the bunch.

Wallet is Vera Bradley, if you're wondering.

Thumb/Pointer/Middle: Essie Play Date

Ring/Pinky: Julep Eva

I really liked this one. Play Date is a weird color though. Weird to apply, but pretty in the end!

One my pointer (not shown) and middle fingers is Essie Raise Awareness, which is the other polish that isn't in production anymore. To be honest, it's just a pink. If you saw my Raise Awareness/French Affair by Essie post, you know they are almost identical. Either way, it's a pink =).

For my ring and pinky I have Essie Mint Candy Apple. I feel like my bottle has turned to more of a bluish tint, so yours may not look exactly like mine.

Wallet is by American Eagle that was given to me by a friend a loooong time ago, so it's kind of old.

First two fingers are OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, and the last two are OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. I got it for Christmas, and it sounds like a Texas one, so probably not in the regular collection either.

Last buy not least is the last combination of the post, and the one that stayed on my hands.

Thumb, pointer, and middle fingers: Julep Hayden
Ring and pinky fingers: China Glaze Wicked Style

Too be honest these are two of the colors that scare me the most, and what better than to wear them together!

Hope this inspired you. Toodles!

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