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Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoya Earth Day promo 2012! YAY!!! Below is what I bought, and what I am getting rid of.

My ew nail polish:

  1. This my mom's. Apparently she doesn't like it. It's Avon Smooth Beginning base coat.
  2. I love this color. It's an unnamed brand, given to me by my grandmother. This booger takes 6 coats to become opaque. 6!!! That's ridiculous!
  3. Another Avon from my mom. Blaze Ardent. The color is beautiful, she just doesn't like it on her.
  4. Seche Vite, love it, but it's goopy. I was going to buy thinner, but at this point I wont bother.
  5. Ulta Noel... Hate it! The streakiest nail polish I own, there is no working with it. Time to go.
  6. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Model Behavior. I used this in a previous blog post.  That's how I found out how much it stains the nails blue. It looked like I had no oxygen going to my nails. As you can imagine, that looks really bad.

I was thinking about getting rid of this Revlon, but I will wait and see how it compares to Adina (quality wise). If I like it after I compare them, I'll keep it. This shade is Silver Switch. It's an older color from Revlon, at least 3 years old. I really like it, and I could part with it even when I got rid of all my polish a over year ago.

Colors I bought:
I tried to stick with colors that I didn't have, and were unique (Skylar isn't unique, I figured it was cheaper than the OPI Holland color that's like it), and weren't cremes. I'm so excited!








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