Purse again: Fossil!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am still in love with my Dooney & Bourke Mickey bag, but I was on a quest to find an unprinted bag. That quest has ended with my new Fossil Adrina that I got at an outlet Fossil store. The girls in there were so nice!! Fossil and Dooney are quickly becoming my favorite brands.

I love so many bags from them, and the accessories! I am not one for necklaces or bracelets, but I could go on a shopping spree there and 50% would be accessories.

What's nice about this bag is that even though it is all leather, I feel like I can put it in dirt and it will bounce back. One of the reasons I put the bag where I did for the pictures. The Dooney I have to baby, and I love it, but taking it to the bowling alley was a bit stressful. I had to put it on a menu on the floor when the food came. Enough chatter! Here are the pictures:

I love the double pockets that are nice and deep. The side pockets add for even more storage with is so lovely. 

I know Fossil isn't high end or anything, but it's not cheap either. I think it's a happy medium, given it's quality and price.


  1. Hi Kristina, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I'm gifting you with an award if you want to stop by my blog and collect it! :)

    1. I saw it on Saturday at 3 in the morning (woke up for a rabbit show). It made me so happy! Too bad I was not in the mood to blog about it then.

  2. Stopping by from Kim's blog, Pop Glamour. Great bag!