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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Basin is my equivalent to LUSH. There are four locations, two in Disney, two in Las Vegas. Yesterday I went to the Disney store in the Grand Floridian. I prefer the one in Downtown Disney, but they're renovating and wont be done will around April (or May, I'm not sure). I love their bath bombs, and realized I actually had a favorite scent which is Pink Sugar. It smell so yummy!!! I had $25 to spend for the day. $5 went to breakfast, mom paid for lunch, and $20 went to these Basin lovelies.

I was originally going to get the Pink Sugar soap, but I spotted a basket of variety samples. I picked the one that had the Pink Mickey (same scent as Pink Sugar) and walked around the soaps and smelled them. This is the one I chose!!

They're cheaper than the actual soap bars, as you get more for less. The one I was going to get was $5.99, and this is $3.29 and I get more!!! Good find.

Scents are: Pink Mickey (Pink Sugar), Wine Soap, Tahitian Vanilla, Surfs Up. Yes there are different stores, one for Basin and another for Basin White. I don't know why, they have basically the same stock.

The bath bombs!! I don't fully remember one of their names, but the upper left one is Pink Sugar,  and I believe the bottom one is Sweet Pea & Vanilla. The upper right one could be Basin White. These were 3 for $12, or $4.99 each.

I wanted to try their lip balm. The other option was spearment, but I liked the peppermint on a lot more (I smelled them), so I chose this one for $3.99.

I am not being payed for this, I bought all of this with my own my husband's money. I do really recommend them though! Next blog post (tomorrow) will be a nail polish one, followed (day after tomorrow) by my new sunglasses!!!! Yes, another off topic post, but I want to offer a variety of things here, not just nail polish.

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