China Glaze Wicked Style - Swatch. Kind of

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The pictures aren't even close to being true to color. No matter how hard I tried, they kept coming off red. So, I opted for just swatching it on a nail wheel and taking a video. This is how the color looks, and the best swatch I could do. I forgot to remove the sound though. There's only a small part where there's talking (TV), and it's not loud at all. I will upload pictures that I took, but no water mark or fancy stuff will be applied, since they are not accurate at all.

Wicked Style is from the 2012 Electropop collection by China Glaze.

I may take more videos with glitter, and things like that if you like this idea.

I hope this swatch helps! Toodles.

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